Child rescued off Pembrokeshire coast after kayak capsized

The current was too strong for child who drifted away from their sibling and father. Credit: Media Wales

A child was rescued by a fishing vessel after drifting away from their father and sibling when their kayak capsized.

The father and one of the two children clung onto a kayak and managed to find safety in a cove in Ceibwr Bay, Pembrokeshire, on Tuesday afternoon (August 23).

But the current was too strong for the other child who began drifting away while clinging onto a separate kayak. A walker on the coastal path spotted the child in the water and called 999 at 12.38pm.

A mayday broadcast was sent by HM Coastguard’s maritime rescue coordination centre at Milford Haven and a fishing vessel responded. Moylegrove Coastguard Rescue Team along with the coastguard helicopter based at St Athan and two RNLI lifeboats from Fishguard were also sent.

The child was rescued by the fishing vessel and all three kayakers were taken to Fishguard by a lifeboat where they were checked over. No-one was injured in the incident.

'Even the most experienced can be caught out'

Max Hawkins, senior maritime operations officer for HM Coastguard, said: “Thankfully this incident ended safely and we’re very grateful to the person who called 999 and asked for the coastguard after spotting something was wrong. And we’re also grateful to the fishing vessel that diverted to help.

“All three kayakers involved were reported to be using kayaks suited for going to sea and were all wearing flotation aids – this undoubtedly helped them. But even the most experienced can be caught out by changing tides or weather conditions.

“It’s always helpful as well to have a mobile phone or another means of calling for help. If you’re sea kayaking take a phone in a waterproof bag or carry a 406 personal locator beacon for more remote locations.”