Boy with brain tumour who sat GCSEs whilst undergoing chemotherapy passes all his exams

Noah Herniman achieved five GCSEs - including a B in English Language - despite having to withdraw from school last year. Credit: Shelly Herniman

A teenage boy with a brain tumour who had to withdraw from school last year is celebrating after passing all of his GCSEs.

Noah Herniman, from Chepstow, has been on a "torturous" journey after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour in June 2021.

He returned to secondary school in September of last year, but repeated rounds of chemotherapy took their toll and in November Noah had to withdraw from school completely after becoming very unwell.

Noah continued to study whenever he felt able to and, with the support of his family and school, Noah sat five GCSE exams earlier this summer - History, Double Maths, English Language and English Literature.

Noah's mum, Shelley Herniman, said her son was fearful that he would fail them all.

"As we went down to the school to pick them up I said to him don't worry, whatever happens, a grade doesn't define you. You've tried your hardest", Shelley told ITV Wales.

"One of the teachers had to open the envelope for him because he was shaking so much, but I watched his face and I went over and it was me that was crying", she added.

Noah passed all of his exams - achieving a B in English Language and Cs in History, Double Maths and English Literature.

"I am so proud of him", said Shelley.