Pride Cymru 2022: Thousands come together for Wales’ biggest celebration of equality and diversity

  • Watch the video report by ITV Cymru Wales reporter, Issa Farfour.

Thousands of people have come together to celebrate Wales’ biggest celebration of equality and diversity at Pride Cymru.

Today marks the return of Pride Cymru to Cardiff for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak. The event which has grown hugely since 1985, when the first gay march took place in the city.

Over this weekend, celebrations commence over three stages showcasing cabaret, musicians and panel discussions, with a selection of food vendors and a community market.

Dan Walsh, Trustee and director of Pride Cymru, said: "We're back with a bang, it's been three long years since we've had a Pride Cymru festival. We're expecting 50,000 people to engage with the parade or be here on site over the course of this weekend.

Dan said believes there's still things that need doing to make sure that "everyone can be open, loved and respected in their community". Credit: ITV Wales

"The community is back together for the first time, people found it really really difficult from our community during the pandemic, lots of members of the LGBT community can be quite socially isolated, maybe don't have the right family connections to get through that alone, so it's great for everyone to come back and celebrate how much we've achieved but also think about what we've got to go."

Drag Queen, Wilma Ballsdrop, said: "I think after what we've been through for the last few years, I think it's so important to get together and just celebrate joy and celebrate togetherness and friendship, that's what it's about"

Drag Queen, Dame Blanche Rumeer, added: "There's so many people of whatever you care to mention here today and it's all wonderful and we've only been here seven minutes and we're already having a wonderful, wonderful time. We're looking forward to seeing even more of it, it's gorgeous."

Drag Queens Wilma Ballsdrop and Blanche Rumeer said they are excited to join the celebrations. Credit: ITV Wales

One of those celebrating said: "We've lived in a world now for so long where people don't accept people being who they are, whereas now we're in a generation where you can be gay, lesbian, transgender, whatever you want, and poeple accept you for it."

"You can be who you want to be and it's just amazing because you don't have to frightened of the world anymore."

While another said: "Pride means the world to me. I am married, I've got a wife, we've got three children and it's days like today that have enabled me to have a family.

"There's still a lot of work to do in terms of Pride and for particular minority groups, but I get emotional talking about pride, it means so much to me, to my family, and to everybody on site today. It's absolutely incredible."