Edwards of Conwy boss 'shell shocked' as yearly energy bill hits nearly £800K

Ieuan Edwards with his products in hand with Conwy in the background
Ieuan Edwards says he wants to support his workers but there's 'nothing left in the pot.' Credit: Edwards of Conwy

The boss of a north Wales butchers says he's "shell shocked" after being quoted nearly £800,000 for a year's supply of energy at his "small" factory.

Ieuan Edwards, Managing Director of Edwards of Conwy, said last year he paid £129,000 for energy, but this year - with energy bills spiralling - has been quoted £782,000.

He told ITV Wales: "I'm shell shocked and I don't know what to do about it.

"I've got a loyal work force and I want to support them but there's nothing left in the pot.

"There are companies out there still in contracts for maybe 2 years. They've got a huge advantage over companies that have contracts ending and need to be renewed."

The UK Government says support is on the way. Credit: PA Images

When asked about support, he said: "The government has no choice but to get involved. I hope the next prime minister announces an immediate package of support.

"They'll have to otherwise the whole country will collapse. The countries tax receipts won't be there next year. So, they're better off borrowing up front because the majority of companies will still be there to fight another day."

Ieuan responded to a tweet by former Conservative MP and Minister Edwina Currie. In the tweet, Ms Currie suggested money saving expert and Good Morning Britain presenter Martin Lewis should stop using words like "catastrophe" when describing rising energy bills.

She said: "I would like you, Martin, to stop using words like “catastrophe,” and instead advise people take sensible steps to reduce the effect on their families and businesses. And stop pretending that governments can do everything. They can’t."

In response to Edwina's tweet, Ieaun Edwards said: "Edwina. Last year I paid £129k for #energy at my small factory. This morning I received a quotation for the next 12 months, it was £782k. It’s gone from £2.5k to £15k A WEEK! Only thing wrong with @MartinSLewis/@itvMLshow using the word catastrophe, it’s not strong enough!"

Mr Edwards told ITV Wales: "With respect to Edwina Currie, she's an intelligent lady but her tweet shows how out of touch some are in this country. They've haven't got a clue. I genuinely don't think they do know what's going on.

"It's totally out of control. There'll be absolute carnage out there."

The UK government has promised that support is on its way, but it will have to wait until the new prime minister takes office.

Last month, Ofgem announced the energy price cap will increase by more than 80% to £3,549 from October 1.

The average yearly bill for households on a default tariff will rise by £1,578.

Some 4.5 million pre-payment meter customers will see their annual bill go up to £3,608.