Yellow weather warning and thunderstorms issued for large parts of Wales by Met Office

Frequent lightening strikes and gusty winds are expected. Credit: Met Office

A weather warning for thunderstorms across large parts of Wales has been issued, potentially leading to flooding, loss of power and poor driving conditions.

The Met Office announced a yellow warning in place from 8pm on Sunday (September 4) until 4am on Monday (September 5).

It added that the bad weather may cause some localised disruption with places experiencing 20mm to 30mm fall in less than an hour.

Spray and hail could potentially affect driving conditions with damage to building from frequent lightening strikes and gusty winds expected.

Flooding of homes and businesses is possible and there could be delays to train services.

Furthermore, forecasters say that some short-term loss of power and other services is also possible.

However, the Met Office expect it to clear during the early hours of Monday.