Young actress Ffion Gwyther recalls meeting Queen Elizabeth II during her last visit to Wales

Ffion reminisces on the moment she met the Queen

As people across Wales look back on their own personal memories of the Queen, one Welsh actress has also been reflecting.

Ffion Gwyther from Llanelli met the Queen in October 2021 when Elizabeth II made her last visit to Wales.

Thriving in front of an audience, Ffion was chosen to present flowers to Her Majesty and remembers the moment clearly.

"I was thinking what I was going to say and I was also excited to meet the Queen, it was such an honour.

"The Queen said 'are those flowers for me?' and I said 'yes, ma'am'. The Queen also said 'those colours in your dress are matching my outfit'.

Ffion was chosen to present flowers to the Queen.

"That meant a lot to me, because I'm such a big fan of the Queen. I'll remember that every day. It is the best feeling ever", Ffion added.

During the visit, the Queen came to Cardiff to officially open the sixth term of the Senedd, saying at the time: "It is a pleasure to be with you today and I congratulate you on your recent election."

Hundreds gathered outside the Welsh parliament to be a part of the history.

Ffion's mum, Susie Hamel, said: "Enormously proud of her, because Ffion Gwyther not only represents Ffion, Wales, the family, she represents a whole community of people with disabilities and it's a real privilege.

"It's a can-do moment."