Anglesey boy gets 'fist pump' from King Charles as he greets mourners queuing in Westminster

A boy from Anglesey, who has been waiting in the queue to see the Queen Lying in State, got a "fist-pump" from King Charles after he met mourners waiting to pay their respects to the late monarch.

Owain Ellis had been waiting with his family since before midnight on Saturday morning to see the Queen's coffin at Westminster Hall.

He said the wait has been worth it just to see the new King.

The King and the new Prince of Wales carried out a surprise walkabout at the queue to see the Queen's Lying in State.

Lynwen Jones, who was alongside Owain and also from Anglesey said that it was "totally unexpected and it was really nice to meet them because we're very tired.

"We expressed our condolences and said we'd be hoping he (Prince William) would be returning to Anglesey quite soon. He said he would and he said they love Anglesey and himself and Kate would be returning quite soon.

"We want to pay our respects and we thought we'll bring the children along because they wanted to and it won't happen again."

The Prince of Wales meeting mourners along the queue to see the Queen lying in State.

Skye Nina Warner, from Cardiff said she was determined to keep queuing for the Queen who gave so much of her life to the country.

"It's been a bit of a long day to be fair but she was a really good monarch. For 70 years she soldiered on so we're going to solider on for seven hours."

Tracey Williams and her sister Trisha from Swansea were also able to see the King when he was on the walkabout.

Tracey who works at the Prince Philip Hospital said she has been "on the go" since 7am on Friday but felt committed to travel to London to see the Queen lying in State. She said it was amazing to see the King and Prince of Wales.

"It was a surreal moment. He spoke to friends of ours and said bore da, and asked if they were warm enough last night as we were queuing. It was an absolutely amazing moment."

Trisha Williams said that she felt quite emotional in seeing the new King.

"He's suddenly become King and there was a lot of women around me that started crying, and it does make you emotional as well to actually see him and then to see William come along and saying 'oh you're nearly there now hang in there', so it's quite nice." 

Lynne Faull and Ann Wookey and from Mumbles, Swansea.

Friends Ann Wookey and Lynne Faull from Mumbles, Swansea joined the queue at Southwark Park at 18.20 Friday evening. 

They queued for over 12 hours and saw the Queen's coffin just before 7am Saturday morning.

They saw the Changing of the Guard at 7am before they left Westminster Hall.  They say they made friends from Port Isaac in Cornwall and Hertfordshire.