'Goodbye Ma'am, well done' - 102-year-old Owen Filer reacts to Queen's funeral

  • 'Goodbye Ma'am - well done', Welsh centenarian Owen Filer reacts to the Queen's state funeral

Wales' best-known centenarian and internet sensation Owen Filer joined many across the UK in watching the televised state funeral for The Queen.

The 102-year-old from Cwmbran, who proudly displays his 100th birthday message from the Queen in his living room, says Her Majesty will be remembered for her "patience and understanding".

Mr Filer doesn't have access to the internet but that didn't stop him from going viral because of his youthful appearance back in 2020.

ITV Wales' Rob Osborne previously interviewed the father-of-four during lockdown, when he was shocked to hear his interview had amassed more than seven million views on social media.

Now, we've caught up with the loveable centenarian on Monday September 19, during the momentous occasion of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral.

The 102-year-old from Cwmbran proudly displays his 100th birthday message from the Queen in his living room. Credit: ITV Wales

Reacting to the televised procession, he said: "Everybody loves the Queen don't they? The world over. This is the biggest funeral the world has ever known.

"It's wonderful isn't it, down to the last detail. People will never forget it. Children will never forget it. They'll go to school tomorrow and ask questions."

  • The clip of centenarian Owen Filer which was viewed millions of times

Mr Filer says the monarch will be remembered for her "patience and understanding".

He told ITV Wales: "She wasn't just at her desk signing papers, she did a lot of work in the background that we probably know nothing about.

"The way she lived was an example. She set an example for 70 years and always went to church. Even in Balmoral, in the little tiny church, she was there Sunday morning and she took the family - she set the example."

Mr Filer has lived through a world war and The Great Depression, 21 British Prime ministers and 19 US Presidents, plus one Queen and four Kings.

Wiping back tears as The Queen was laid to rest: "Goodbye Ma'am - well done," he said.