Poppy 'hours from death' after being dumped whilst pregnant in Pontypridd

It's believed the dog may have been abandoned due to the cost of emergency surgery. Credit: Animal Welfare Investigations Project

A dog has been described as being 'hours from death' after it was dumped near to Pontypridd Common whilst it was in whelp.

The Animal Welfare Investigators Project is currently appealing for information on what happened to 'Poppy' who produced one dead puppy before being rescued by the charity Friends of Animals Wales.

It is believed the dog may have been abandoned due to the cost of emergency surgery, without which she would have died.

Friends of the Animals Wales have named her Poppy and have paid thousands of pounds for that surgery. But the charity says it is currently struggling to cope with financial pressures already.

She will remain in their care until she can be re-homed.

An animal welfare investigator, who cannot be named due to the sensitive covert operations carried out by the Project, said: “This is one of the cruellest incidents imaginable.

"When Poppy was found, she was in whelp and produced one dead puppy.

“Further examination by veterinary surgeons revealed that a puppy was stuck, and Poppy had to undergo emergency surgery. Without the team at Friends of Animals Wales, Poppy would no longer be alive.

“If anyone can provide any information or CCTV footage of suspicious activity in the area on that day, we can investigate the abandonment of Poppy and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

Investigators are urging anyone with any information to come forward to help find those responsible. You can call the Animal Welfare Investigations Project on 0333 335 5749.