Seven arrests during Wales v Poland with 'numerous' other away fans ejected from the stadium

Thousands of Poland fans travelled to Cardiff for the Nations League match Credit: PA Images

Seven away fans were arrested during Wales UEFA Nations League match against Poland on Sunday for offences including possession of pyrotechnics, a racially aggravated public order offence and invading the pitch.

Four of the arrests were for possession of a pyrotechnic device whilst three men were arrested for being drunk and disorderly, a racially aggravated public order offence and invading the pitch.

South Wales Police added that "numerous" other away fans had to be ejected from the ground for smoking and consuming alcohol.

The match, held at the Cardiff City Stadium, saw Wales relegated from the A division after losing 1-0 to Poland.

PC Christian Evans, from South Wales Police, said: "The overwhelming majority of people who attend the Cardiff City Stadium behave responsibly and enjoy a safe experience.

"Wales football fans have earned themselves an excellent reputation both at home and when visiting other countries.

"Being in possession of a pyrotechnic device at a football match, or attempting to bring one into a football stadium, is a criminal offence, and anyone found guilty of committing such an offence faces a Football Banning Order".

Red flares were lit at various points of the game by fans in the Poland end of the stadium

Thousands of Polish fans attended the game and were in fine voice throughout, although the atmosphere was overshadowed by incidents involving flares and a firework.

During the Polish national anthem several red flares were lit in the away end, with similar scenes emerging after Karol Świderski scored the only goal of the game.

Soon after that goal, a firework was seen flying from the away end across the stadium and over the top of the Canton Stand.

Wales lost by a single goal to visitors Poland, consigning them to relegation from the top tier of the UEFA Nations League Credit: PA Images

For some fans it brought back memories of a tragedy on the 17th November 1993.

67-year-old Merthyr Tydfil postman John Hill was killed that night when a marine flare flew into the stands during a World Cup qualifier between Wales and Romania.

His son, also John Hill, was alongside his father when he died and has since spoken out on numerous occasions about his desire to see stricter controls on pyrotechnics at football matches.

The game on Sunday night was Wales' last before the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, which begins in November.