A statue of Shenkin the goat is being made to honour Royal Welsh Regiment

Watch the video report by ITV Wales reporter, Ian Lang

A statue of Shenkin the Royal Welsh goat is being made as part of a memorial in Wrexham.

The statue, sculptured by Llandudno-based Nick Elphick, commemorates the long association of the Royal Welsh Regiment which goes back over 300 years with Wrexham.

The sculpture itself has now been completed in clay and will go away to be bronzed, before being placed outside Hightown Barrack in Wrexham.

Nick says working on the project has been an honour, "This one it is, I think for me, one of the most important commissions, especially looking at these people that gave their lives and still give their lives to this country to protect us.

Sculptor Nick Elphick said working on the project was an honour.

"I just think it's so important to remember these people in such a beautiful way, and these goats are very, very powerful, very, very self-willed animals and that's a big reason why I think the Welsh Fusiliers use them and they're just a real symbol of strength".

A goat is the traditional mascot for the Royal Welsh, with different regiments having different names for their goat.

Official mascots have a regimental number and rank, and can be promoted and demoted like human soldiers - the current Shenkin is a lance corporal. The Royal Welsh, and previously its predecessors, have been using goats as mascots for centuries, with the tradition dating back to 1775 during the American War of Independence.

It is thought the original goat was adopted by the Royal Welsh at the Battle of Bunker Hill in the Independence War after straying onto the battle field.

Nick relieved the most nerve-wrecking part for him was showing the finished statue to former members of the regiment. He recalled: "I was literally feeling so physically sick, I was shaking.

"They came in and you know that sort of said 'wow' and I saw a sense of pride in them all [...] they were genuinely really really proud. I couldn't believe it."

Nick hopes the statue will become a much loved part of the town as a permanent symbol of the honour and regard the men and women who have and continue to serve their country are held.