'What sort of world do you belong in?' Mark Drakeford attacks Andrew RT Davies in angry exchange

Wales' First Minister appeared visibly shaken following an angry exchange with the Conservative opposition leader.

During First Minister's Questions on Tuesday afternoon, Welsh Tory leader Andrew RT Davies attacked Mark Drakeford over NHS performance where he recalled instances of patients being made to wait hours for an ambulance.

Mr Drakeford responded by acknowledging serious issues in the NHS and saying that the Welsh Government is "working hard" with the emergency services to solve those problems.

But he went on to attack the UK Government for more deep-seated problems, saying that NHS staff "face cuts to their pay because of the policy of your Government".

Mark Drakeford and Andrew RT Davies were both on their feet pointing to each other from across the chamber

Andrew RT Davies hit back further, resulting in Mark Drakeford losing his temper with the opposition leader for claiming "some sort of moral high ground" following a chaotic week for the UK Government which saw the Conservative prime minister sacking her former chancellor and abandon her economic agenda in a bonfire of tax-cutting policies.

"It is shocking", he said.

"It is absolutely shocking to me that you think that you can turn up here this afternoon with the mess that your party has made to budgets of this country, the reputation of this country around the world, that you promise those people that there will be more to come."

Mr Drakeford then began pointing at Mr Davies from across the chamber.

"And you think you turn up here this afternoon and claim some sort of moral high ground. What sort of world do you belong in?"

The Llywydd was then forced to intervene urging for them to calm down.

"Can we take a moment here? I understand that the arguments and the feelings run high on these issues from a variety of perspectives, I understand some of the shouting taking place, but I won't have people pointing in anger, and gesticulating in anger, at other people. Can we just take a moment just to calm down?"

The Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon said she was "100% with Mark Drakeford"

The Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies MS said,

“I have seen the First Minister attempt to avoid responsibility for his failings, but I have never seen such a shameful lack of remorse.

“Rather than take responsibility for Labour’s poor running of the NHS, Mark Drakeford looked to pass the blame onto the UK Government, despite the fact that Health in Wales has been under Labour control for 25 years."

Following the debate, a Welsh Government spokesperson said that the First Minister was "reflecting the anger of people in Wales."

"We are deeply concerned about the position the UK Government has put us in and the eye watering scale of cuts facing public services in Wales. The First Minister was reflecting the anger of people in Wales who are now having to pay for the mistakes made by the UK Government."