Plaid Cymru blames Truss chaos on Brexit ‘psychodrama’ as race for new Prime Minister continues

  • Plaid Cymru's parliamentary leader told ITV Wales News a general election is the 'only solution' to 'the circus of chaos'

The chaos engulfing the UK Government is the culmination of six years of “Brexit psychodrama” according to a senior Plaid Cymru politician. 

The party’s annual conference continues today (Saturday 22 October) in Llandudno, overshadowed as so much else is, by the collapse of Liz Truss’ government and efforts by the Conservative party to choose a new leader to become Prime Minister. 

Plaid’s parliamentary leader, Liz Saville Roberts, will be the main speaker at the conference today and she’s expected to say that the divisions which have led to the UK Government falling apart were caused by Brexit. 

In her speech she will say: “This week was the climax of a six-year long Brexit psychodrama. 

Liz Saville Roberts will say "Brexit lies split the Tory party who then forced communities and families to turn against each other".

“The Tory delusion pushed by reckless politicians that we can both slash trade with our nearest neighbours and grow the economy in 2016 has taken all credibility out of Westminster politics. 

“Brexit has shrunk the UK economy by being a driving force behind a 5.2% fall in GDP, a 13.7% fall in investment and trade from the UK to the EU 16% lower than if Brexit had not happened.”

And she’s expected to criticise the Labour Party too for refusing to spell out those things. 

She will add: “Any rational and honest politician would look at Britain’s dire economic prospects and recognise that we need a change of policy.

“[Keir] Starmer and the Labour Party cannot find a backbone to state that fact.”

She’s also expected to tell delegates about her attempt to change the law to make lying in politics illegal with a bill that’s due to be debated at the end of October. 

“What’s at the root of Westminster chaos? Lies. Brexit lies split the Tory party, who then forced communities and families to turn against each other," she is expected to say. 

“That’s why I have a bill going through Parliament that would ban lying in politics. That oughtn’t be controversial. In healthcare, education, and business - sectors which clearly impact on the public interest - similar laws have already been established.”