Drivers using Menai Bridge 'shortcut' to avoid A55 traffic making congestion problem worse

The closure of the Menai Bridge, one of only two routes connecting the mainland to Anglesey, has caused an increase in traffic on the A55. Credit: Media Wales

Drivers trying to avoid traffic queues on the A55 are being urged not to use a 'shortcut' to access the Britannia Bridge because it is "compounding congestion problems".

The Menai Suspension Bridge, the only other route joining the Isle of Anglesey to the mainland, was closed to vehicles on October 21 due to a "structural issue".

It is not expected to reopen until next year.

Some of those trying to travel to the mainland have been turning off the A55 early, at Junction 7, travelling down the A5 and rejoining the North Wales Expressway closer to the bridge.

Anglesey County Council said it "understands motorists’ frustration" but is asking them not to take the early turn off in order to avoid other traffic queues. It said this is causing further disruption in local communities.

In a tweet, Anglesey Council also reminded drivers to "respect speed limits and drive considerately".

The Menai Bridge was closed after an inspection of its hangers found "significant risks".

The knock-on effect of this closure is already being felt by locals and those who regularly travel between the island and mainland.

The Britannia Bridge is busier than normal and there are fears this route may have to be temporarily closed to high-sided vehicles at some point, due to strong winds.

Over the last five years, the Britannia Bridge has been closed to these vehicles on average seven times a year.

The situation has added pressure to build a third crossing over the Menai Strait.