The only two words Liz Truss said to Mark Drakeford while she was Prime Minister

Mark Drakeford frequently spoke out about the fact that Liz Truss did not speak to him directly when she became Prime Minister. Credit: PA Images

First Minister Mark Drakeford has revealed the only two words Liz Truss ever said to him during her time as Prime Minister.

Mr Drakeford previously criticised Ms Truss for not calling himself and Scotland's First Minister while she was in Number 10 - when her predecessors had.

At the time, the First Minister described her lack of contact as "disappointing" and now - in an interview with the i newspaper - he has described the only brief sentence she ever spoke to him.

Mr Drakeford recalled how Liz Truss' only words to him were "Hello Mark" during a memorial service for the Queen at Llandaff Cathedral.

He added: "That’s the full script, verbatim."

The former Prime Minister's relationship with the First Minister of Wales was a strained one. Ms Truss previously described Mark Drakeford as "a low energy Jeremy Corbyn".

In her Conservative party conference speech in early October, Ms Truss also included Mr Drakeford and Scotland's First Minister in her list of “enemies of enterprise” or “the anti-growth coalition".

In an interview with ITV Wales News at the conference, Ms Truss went on to say she “would like Mark Drakeford to work with the UK Government on driving economic growth".

It was at the Queen's memorial service at Llandaff Cathedral where Liz Truss spoke to Mark Drakeford. Credit: PA Images

She added: “I would strongly encourage Mark Drakeford to get on with the M4 relief road and make sure that we're delivering those infrastructure projects in Wales which are going to help bring growth and higher wages to the people of Wales."

In reply to her lack of direct communication with Mark Drakeford, a UK Government spokesperson said at the time that the Prime Minister was "clear on her ambition to attract investment into Wales, and to work closely with the First Minister to drive economic growth, increase opportunities and create more well paid jobs".

They also emphasised that other UK Government Ministers would continue to regularly engage with their counterparts in devolved nations.

When Ms Truss resigned as Prime Minister, Mark Drakeford said her time in office had been a "complete and utter failure of government with everyone in this country now having to pay the price."

On his first day as Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak called Mark Drakeford. The two spoke about their "duty" to work together in order to respond to the UK's "shared challenges".

Mr Sunak also contacted the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon.

Following the conversation, Mr Sunak said it was "good to speak to" Mr Drakeford and Ms Sturgeon.