M48 Severn Bridge closed in both directions as strong winds sweep across Wales

The Severn Bridge is closed when gusts reach more than 46mph. Credit: PA

The M48 Severn Bridge has been closed for the safety of road users as powerful winds sweep across the country.

Drivers can still use the M4 Prince of Wales Bridge crossing.

Strong winds are expected through Wednesday and into the evening, with drivers being urged to check the status of both bridges before starting their journey.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for wind across the west coast and parts of north and south Wales from 7am to 9pm.

The Severn Bridge is closed when gusts reach more than 46mph. The newer, Prince of Wales Bridge has barriers that reduce the effects of strong wind and so does not need to be closed as often.

Both crossings are closed when wind speeds are in excess of 80mph.

The Severn Bridge was also closed on Tuesday evening due to strong gusts.

Meanwhile Traffic Wales has warned road users in north Wales they should be prepared for potential restrictions on the Britannia Bridge, linking Anglesey to the main land, due to the adverse weather.

It is currently the only route on and off the island for drivers as the Menai Bridge is closed to all vehicles.