Blind woman 'yelled at' by Starbucks worker for having guide dog in store

Angharad is registered blind and relies on her guide dog Tudor to get around safely. Credit: Angharad Paget-Jones

A severely sight impaired woman from Port Talbot has called on businesses to train their staff after being told her guide dog couldn't enter a Starbucks store.

Angharad Paget-Jones said she had stopped to get a coffee from a service station in England, when a Starbucks worker told her "you can't have your dog in here".

Working guide dogs have had the legal right to enter public places including restaurants, shops and taxis for 27 years.

Angharad says she will continue campaigning for equal rights and access. Credit: Angharad Paget-Jones

"It has been the law for almost my entire life," Angharad said.

"It wasn't nice, it was embarrassing because it was very busy in there. I just needed the toilet and wanted a coffee.

"It's not my job to educate, it's theirs to know. Businesses should carry out equality training to make sure this doesn't happen."

Angharad said she wasn't surprised by what happened, having had similar experiences before.

"Tudor is my eyes. Guide dogs are lifelines for people like me, and I will forever champion for equal rights and access," she added.

Almost two million people live with sight loss in the UK, but owners regularly face access refusals from businesses and services, according to the charity Guide Dogs.

Three-quarters of guide dog owners say they have experienced an access refusal in the past.

Starbucks UK has been asked for a comment.