Official music video released for Wales' World Cup 2022 song Yma O Hyd

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The official music video for Dafydd Iwan's Yma O Hyd, Wales' official World Cup 2022 song has been released.

The song, originally recorded in 1983 has been remastered from its original tapes, elements re-recorded and dramatically mixed with the voices of Wales fans.

Hidden microphones captured thousands of voices singing the song during the two FIFA World Cup play-offs earlier this year when Wales made history by qualifying for their first World Cup since 1958.

The song also features the voices of the Cymru squad singing the emotionally charged song Credit: FAW

It is a passionate song of defiance about the survival of the Welsh language against all the odds. The song’s title translates to ‘We’re Still Here’ and celebrates Welsh as one of the oldest living languages in the world.

The video itself features the squad and thousands of fans singing along to the track. It is interspersed with archive footage of some pivotal moments in Welsh history including the miners' strikes and language rights marches, featuring Iwan himself.

The song has become synonymous with Wales' journey to the World Cup

The song has become synonymous with the recent success of the Cymru National Teams and Dafydd Iwan has spent time with both the men’s and women’s squads to explain the cultural importance of the song.

“Yma o Hyd has become a national slogan and now the song which gave meaning to it is the official anthem of the Cymru National Team for the World Cup,” commented Dafydd Iwan about the remastered version of his anthem.

“It’s an impossible dream come true and the incredible sound of The Red Wall on this track is exciting and inspiring to hear. This version of Yma o Hyd forever documents a marvellous moment in Welsh history, with all those wonderful voices helping Cymru reach the World Cup with their passion.

“No other nation will have anything like this to inspire their team on the grandest stage of them all. So c’mon Cymru, let us tell the world that we are here.”

The track, released by Saint Records, is available to stream and download across all major platforms.