'Powerhouse' campaigner who fought for better endometriosis care wins award

Rachel helped create patient-led training for endometriosis nurses

A young woman who campaigned for better access to healthcare for women living with endometriosis has won an award.

Rachel Joseph, who used her own experience to fight for other patients to get better healthcare and menstrual wellbeing education, has won this year’s ‘Young Volunteer of the Year’ Award at WCVA’s Welsh Charities Week Awards.

Nominated by Fair Treatment for the Women of Wales (FTWW) for her impactful and extensive voluntary work, she has helped improve access to women’s health services.  Most notably, she helped co-produce patient-led training for all new Endometriosis Clinical Nurse Specialists in Wales.

She is an ambassador for the charity, and sits on the Welsh Government’s Period Dignity Stakeholder Group and the UK Government's All- Party Parliamentary Group on Endometriosis.

Rachel has been described as a "powerhouse" campaigner

Dr Sally Rees, Chair of FTWW, who nominated Rachel, described her as a "powerhouse", saying that she goes above and beyond to support and represent female patients across Wales.

On winning the award, Rachel Joseph said, "By raising awareness and taking necessary action, we reduce ignorance. In reducing ignorance, the seeds for change are planted.  My passion for change led me to leave my job in recruitment to dedicate my time  to try and remove some of the barriers that have been so damaging to women living with Endometriosis and other conditions."

WCVA Chief Executive Ruth Marks says: "Rachel is the epitome of what is seen as the holy grail of volunteering by charities: those who can do it all, such as strategic advocacy as well as more hands-on work, like fundraising.

"In addition to her successful representative and advocacy role, where she is succeeding to reshape healthcare and social policy for women, she also delivers workplace talks, raising awareness about the issues themselves, and participates in online advice and support sessions for other women and girls. 

ITV Cymru Wales is pleased to be supporting the Welsh Charities Week again this year as a media partner.  The Welsh Charities Week, organised by WCVA, will be taking place between 21 - 25 November and aims to recognise and shine a light on the work of charities, voluntary organisations, community groups and volunteers across Wales.