Former referee Nigel Owens shares details of 'digusting' homophobic letter sent to his house

221122 Nigel Owens

Welsh former rugby international referee Nigel Owens has shared the homophobic abuse he received in a "hate" filled letter on social media.

The 51-year-old posted a picture of the letter saying "unless we start calling out these kind of people nothing will change."

Owens said he received the letter in the post "a few weeks ago" and that he had "thought long and hard" about whether he should share it or not.

Dyfed Powys Police are investigating the matter and said "enquiries are ongoing."

His full post on social media read: "I’ve thought long and hard about posting this letter I received in the post a few weeks ago singed by a Steel Worker PT.

"But unless we start calling out these kind of people nothing will change. It hurts and there is no need for all this hate."

The letter also mentions former Wales international rugby player Gareth Thomas.

Thomas replied to the post saying "He’s a serial writer butt, he writes those kinds of letters to everyone, good on you for (sic) calling him out."

Nigel Owens now runs a farm in the Gwendraeth Valley.

Owens 'came out' as gay in 2007 and went on to become the first referee to reach a landmark 100 international tests in 2020.

He's now living a lifelong dream of being a farmer and working as a TV pundit.

The letter sparked an outpouring of support for Owens from people on social media

One social media user called the letter "pathetic and absurd" while dozens expressed their "love" for the rugby legend.

Another called the letter "disgusting" and that they were "so sorry that in this day and age you still receive messages like this."

A message from TATA Steel's official UK Twitter account read: "We’re with you 100% Nigel and we are horrified to see it apparently signed by one of our own steel family.

"There is no place for such hatred in a steel works, in a rugby club or in society #ShameOnThem#BeKind"