'Shocked' mum pays £47 for two bags of sweets at Cardiff's Winter Wonderland

The mother-of-two said they should make prices clearer as "nobody nowadays can afford to spend £47 on a pick n mix." Credit: Media Wales

A mum has spoken of her shock after paying £47 for two bags of pick and mix from a sweet shop at Cardiff's Winter Wonderland.

Rhiannon Brown was with her husband and young children when she was charged just under £50 by the Great British Fudge Company.

The mum-of-two was in disbelief when she found out how much the sweets cost and said it put a real "downer on the day".

Great British Fudge Company has since been in contact with the health care worker and has offered her a full refund. Credit: Media Wales

Rhiannon, a health care worker from Mountain Ash, was making her way around Cardiff's Winter Wonderland when her two kids asked for two bags of sweets from the Great British Fudge Company stall.

She said her husband told the kids not to go mad on the sweets as they were £2.79 for 100g.

What her and her husband didn't expect was to face a bill just under £50.

"We know full well that you're going to spend money when you go to these places.

"We both made sure the kids never went over board. The bags were nowhere near half full, but nobody knows what 100g of sweets looks like," said Rhiannon.

Cardiff's annual Winter Wonderland opened on 15 November this year. Credit: Media Wales

When her husband went to pay, Rhiannon said she didn't hear the woman at the till say the price to her husband, but she could tell from his reaction it was high. So she asked him how much.

"He said £47.26, and I said: 'What, you can’t be serious?'.

"I think we were just shocked we knew it was going to be expensive but I was thinking maybe £20-£23. He just paid and we left."

Since sharing her story on social media, Rhiannon said that a few people have got in touch saying they've had a similar experience

"Nobody nowadays can afford to spend £47 on a pick 'n' mix. I feel like they should maybe display a couple of display bags of sweets saying how much this would cost you on average, so people are aware," said Rhiannon.

Great British Fudge Company says it's working on ways to improve services so it can avoid similar issues in the future.

It said: "We can confirm that the scales are checked and set with no way to adjust them once we are set up so for the total to be £47 this would have been just over 1.6kg of sweets in two bags."