Dad and daughter traumatised as ride restraint 'came completely off' at Swansea's Winter Wonderland

Chris said his daughter was "beside herself" as she thought her "daddy was going to die." Credit: Media Wales.

A father has claimed a ride's safety barrier "came completely off" when he was on it with his daughter and partner.

It happened at Swansea's Waterfront Winterland on Saturday 26 November.

Chris Miller, 39, said he was "flying up and down" whilst his partner was "screaming" for the ride to stop. His daughter Summer, 10, was in tears and "petrified," he said.

Three people were injured at Cardiff's Winter Wonderland on Saturday, November 26, after coming off a ride in mid-air. Credit: Media Wales.

Chris said he initially stopped the Moondancer ride because the barrier had become loose. But after being strapped in for a second time, he said the barrier came off, leaving him "flying up and down."

Mr Miller explained: "You need a safety barrier to keep you in the chair. Without it anybody of a smaller build would go flying out."

"The guy pushed the safety barrier down, he only clicked it two places down. I questioned that but he said a minimum of two clicks was fine. I trusted their judgement and the ride started. About 20 seconds in, the bar slipped out to the last click and I panicked."

Chris said he shouted to stop the ride and once back on the ground, the barrier was pushed back into place.

The ride re-started with the restraint "two clicks down," but Chris claimed it came off within seconds of the ride starting.

"I was trying to get the operative's attention but there was loud music and after "about five to 10 seconds the ride came to a stop."

People who had seen what happened were "instructing their own children to come off the ride immediately", Chris said.

He added: "I approached the token kiosk afterwards and spoke to the ride owner who said the ride should automatically stop when a barrier lifts.

"He was very sorry and he gave a refund but I was flabbergasted to see people being allowed straight on after what had happened."

Credit: Media Wales.

Chris said: "My daughter was beside herself and petrified bless her heart. She was in tears because she'd thought her daddy was going to die.

"She's very, very traumatised. I think it will affect her ability to enjoy any fairground experience. I'm okay and will move on but I think it will have a detrimental effect on my daughter."

A spokesperson for Studt’s Funfairs said safety is their priority and as a precaution they ceased use of the seat that Mr Miller and his family were sitting in, to perform checks.

"The ride has since been fully checked over and is operating properly."