Newport teenager realises sweet dream of opening own bakery after taking up skill during lockdown

  • Tegan Godden has turned her sweet dreams into a reality by opening a bakery in her hometown at the age of just 19

A teenager from Newport who started baking in lockdown has just opened her own bakery. 

Tegan Godden, 19, began making treats with her disabled aunt before sharing her creations online. 

She's now opened her own bakery after winning a £10,000 pound grant from children's charity Barnardo's UK. 

She's the first ever recipient of the funding which the charity says is designed to support a young carer who has a business idea in making it a reality.

Tegan's store in her hometown of Newport, Gwent, is called Bonkers Bakes and is inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Tegan said: "Its so exciting, growing up in Newport you work a regular job, but being able to work for yourself and be your own boss is exciting.

"I started baking during lockdown as I couldn't go to my younger carers group, along with my disabled auntie Scarlett, we would bake together.

"I want to make cakes for people and make a positive impact at the same time. I want to help them, so my prices are going to be affordable for those parents who cant afford to take children out."

Tegan was brought up by her father and grandparents before her dad died when she was just five years old.

She added: "I grew up with disabled adults, so I'm quite nurturing and I joined the young carers with children going through similar things.

"In high school I was dealing with stress and anxiety and needed extra support. Now I want to help so many people who are struggling.

"I want people to come into the bakery and feel like they don't have to fit in as it's a welcoming space. I have made it adaptable for people with disabilities to access.

"If the bakery takes off I will be able to expand and offer this to young people to help teach them new skills.

"It is also my dream to help disadvantaged children and adults with baking workshops."

Tegan secured £10,000 of funding to start her business.

Tegan has been part of Young Carers Newport, a support group funded by Barnardo's and the local council. It was there that she was encouraged to apply for the grant. 

Jon Hilder from Young Carers Newport said: "As soon as we heard about the funding we immediately thought of Tegan, she ticks all the boxes of what Barnardo's is looking for. 

"Tegan has had this dream for a long time and it's something Tegan has worked really hard to achieve. We've just been able to come in and give that boost and put some money behind it.

"We're immensely proud of Tegan having known her for quite a while, seeing her grow up and develop and knowing the challenges she's had to deal with in life. 

"She's an inspirational young person and carer because she's not only survived those things but has come out thriving. Now she wants to make a difference to other people who have been through similar things."