Woman woke to find burglar at end of her bed during string of Llantrisant raids

Davenport physically leant over victims as they slept to steal their belongings. Credit: South Wales Police

A man has been jailed after a burglary spree which saw one elderly woman wake up to find him at the end of her bed.

Gary Davenport, 39, admitted to carrying out a string of raids that saw vulnerable residents targeted.

He was captured on CCTV at the scene of his first two burglaries at an independent living complex that provided over fifties with extra care in Talbot Green.

Davenport, with no fixed address, entered the rooms of two vulnerable residents whilst they slept and physically leant across them to steal their belongings.

He was identified by police as a suspect for five burglaries in total with the other three taking place in the Llantrisant area – two victims were away from home and one victim woke to find Davenport at the foot of her bed. She was forced to escort him from the property alone.

He was arrested and found to possess a vast amount of identifiable property stolen from each of his victims.

Davenport later admitted to five counts of burglary and was jailed for five years at Cardiff Crown Court on December 20.