Superfan gran's dreams comes true as Elvis tribute serenades her with late husband’s favourite song

  • Carole Davies has been a fan of Elvis for more than 80 years and shared a particularly special moment with her hero

An Elvis Presley superfan in her 80s has had her dreams come true after being picked out of the crowd at a Cardiff tribute show to be serenaded with a song that holds special meaning for her and her family.

Grandma Carole Davies has been a lifelong fan of "The King" and experienced a magical moment when impersonator Rob Kingsley sung Are You Lonesome Tonight, which was her late husband's favourite song.

The moment was captured on film as Ms Davies, from Brynmawr in Gwent, jumps out of her seat and waves down the performer - almost falling over and having to be caught by Elvis in the process.

Waiting more than 80 years for an encounter like this, she made the most of it, even kissing The King and wiping his brow.

Ms Davies was taken to the "A Vision of Elvis" gig by her grandson Justin Davies, who filmed the whole thing from his seat across the auditorium.

He said: “Me and my nan unfortunately couldn’t sit together because it was almost sold out so we had to get tickets where we could, but when I saw what was unfolding, I was honestly speechless."

He explained that his nan was determined to meet Elvis after hearing that the tribute performer would often interact with a member of the audience during his shows.

"There were rumours before the show that Elvis would be doing a bit of audience interaction," he said.

"My nan jokingly said to me, “Right, I’m gonna meet Elvis!"“Then, when the time came and Elvis started to walk out, she stood right up and waved her hands so much that Elvis couldn’t help but notice her and invite her into the aisle.”

Carole Davies waved down The King from her seat as she saw him move into the audience, determined not to miss her opportunity. Credit: Justin Davies

Mr Davies described how the interaction began with his grandma telling the tribute performer she "couldn't believe it" and that she was a lifelong Elvis fan.

He said: "She told him that she’d been a fan of his for 80 years, and I’ve got to say this honestly, she is an absolute Elvis fanatic.“She has the merchandise, she listens to his songs on Alexa on repeat. She’s obsessed.“He then went onto sing ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight?’ to her. That is such a special song for her and my family, as my Grandad passed away four years ago. If he could have sung any song to her, it was that one and he did."He added: “It was just like it was meant to be. She’s 80, her mobility is steadily declining but she continues to live life to the full. I am so proud to call her my nan.”