YouTuber Adam Moran becomes first person ever to beat Tredegar pub's mixed grill meat challenge

Hundreds of people have previously tried and failed to finish the mountainous meat challenge. Credit: Adam Moran/BeardMeetsFood

A competitive eater from Leeds has become the first person ever to beat a south Wales restaurant's mammoth meat-eating challenge.

Adam Moran, 37, who travels around the world taking part in food-eating challenges consumed the meal, which costs £59.99, in less than an hour.

The contents devoured by Mr Moran, who has 2.5 million subscribers, included 16oz of steak, 16oz of gammon, two chicken breasts, four pork steaks, two lamb chops, four giant jumbo sausages, four fried eggs, garden peas, onion rings and chips.

Hundreds have come before Mr Moran to face the meaty feast but all have failed to finish it.

A round of gravy was also requested by the meat lover and a dessert ordered at the end, to complete the meal.

A video posted on Mr Moran's YouTube, called BeardMeetsFood, reached 1.4 million views within 24 hours of being published.

As he is served the huge plate of meat, a woman on a neighbouring table tells him: "You won't eat all that."

Mr Moran travelled 220 miles to visit The Mountain Air restaurant and take on 'The Mount Mixed Grill Challenge'.

If finished, the meal is free but it was something that has never been achieved before.

The chicken breasts are the most difficult part of the challenge for Mr Moran, who dips them in gravy to help make it easier to eat.At just 37 minutes and 19 seconds in, Mr Moran devoured the last morsel of pork. His victory is met with a round of applause by fellow diners as he washes down the food with a glass of soft drink.

After finishing the meal he asked to see the dessert cabinet and even ordered a lemon meringue pie.

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