Swansea Airport announces first passenger flights in nearly 20 years

The airport is based on Fairwood Common on the Gower and last provided passenger flights in 2004. Credit: PA Images

Swansea Airport has announced it will be re-launching passenger services for the first time in nearly 20 years.

The airport, which is based on the Gower Peninsula, posted on its social media to confirm the return of scheduled services later this year.

From the end of March, a service will launch between Swansea and Exeter airports and there are plans for more routes to be introduced in the coming year.

The airport previously offered flights to destinations like Amsterdam and Dublin but these ended in 2004 after a lack of passenger numbers.

In a statement, the airport said: "Swansea Airport are pleased to announce that Scheduled Services will re-launch from Swansea Airport this year!

"The end of March will see the start of services between Exeter & Swansea, joining the airport with Exeter provides interchange access to airports across the UK as well as the Channel Islands, Ireland and Spain.

"This is the first step in a long planned improvement plan for the airport which will see further infrastructure & services returning to the Airport over the year."

It has not yet been revealed which airline will be providing the new service.