'Hero' boy saves Portskewett family from carbon monoxide poisoning in middle of the night

ITV Wales reporter Hamish Auskerry went to meet Grayson and his family

A four-year-old has been called "heroic" after he saved his family from carbon monoxide poisoning in the middle of the night.

Schoolboy Grayson Taylor woke his parents up shortly after 1am after he heard a beeping noise coming from downstairs and urged them to get out of bed.

The family soon discovered that their carbon monoxide alarm was going off next to their wood burner at their home in Portskewett, Monmouthshire.

Grayson's family said he had been learning how to check fire alarms around the house with his parents and would "regularly" ask to be lifted up to see the alarms.

The four-year-old often asks his parents to lift him up to check the fire alarms at home are still working. Credit: ITV Wales

"This was definitely his time to shine," said his mum Hannah.

The family evacuated after Grayson raised the alarm, but his mum said that the situation "could have ended differently" without his quick-thinking.She said: “Grayson, my husband, seven-month-old daughter Dotty and I were at home asleep.“Grayson woke us up at 1.15am very calmly alerting us to an alarm that was going off downstairs and that we needed to get up.

“It turned out to be our carbon monoxide alarm where our log burner is, it's not an overly loud alarm so if it wasn't for Grayson waking us, the situation could have ended differently.“Grayson has always been a very inquisitive child and has had a thing about fire alarms since he was small."

Hannah alerted the non-emergency fire service, who later visited the home to carry out checks.The carbon monoxide is thought to have come from an open fire in the living area.

Grayson was rewarded for his actions by his school with a Queen Elizabeth II bravery award.Hannah added: “He has made us so incredibly proud, not only handling the situation in a calm and brave manner but also being a role model at four-years-old and standing up in front of the whole school to share his story. Hopefully the children have taken away a valuable lesson.”His grandmother Toni Jones said Grayson told her he had been dreaming of a fire alarm going off when he woke up.She said: “Grayson demonstrated he was aware of an emergency, he remained calm and was able to articulate calmly to his parents notifying them of the potential danger.“He is now in charge of doing regular tests on my smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in my home."

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