Hero Pembrokeshire driver takes detour on his bus to drive passenger to A&E

Shawn Musgrove (left) and his supervisor Les Tobin (far right) with Darrell Todd (centre) Credit: Western Telegraph

A bus driver has been hailed a hero after he took a detour to A&E when a passenger told him, "I feel like I am going to die".

Shawn Musgrove, 28, was driving on his usual 16-mile route when 75-year-old Darrell Todd collapsed.

The incident happened after Mr Todd said to the driver, "I feel like I am going to die."

Shawn then leapt into action to call 999 but was told by operators there was an hour-and-a-half wait for an ambulance.

He then called through to his supervisor to ask for advice before the decision was made to drive 20 miles to the nearest A&E department at Withybush Hospital.

Passengers who were also travelling on the 365 First Cymru bus from Manorbier to Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, got off before the detour.

Shawn said: "He said 'I feel like I am going to die', and I could see straight away he was in a bad way.

"He was shaky, pale and confused. I pulled over - another customer stepped in and sat by him until I could safely stop.”

He added: "I'm just so glad Darrell was okay and that he was on the bus when he fell ill so we could help."

Passenger Darrell, who is an Australian native who now lives in Manorbier, has thanked Shawn for his quick-thinking actions.

He said: “I collapsed on the bus. I was sweating and had a high temperature. I was all over the place. I was not well and have had problems with my tick tock in the past.

“There were two young passengers in their 20s, a couple of young bucks with earrings in their noses, were very very good looking after a doddery old man like me.

“They never left my side. I don’t know who they were, but they deserve a thank you.”

Darrell, who works at conservation charity Sea Shepherds, says he even received a get-well card from the hero bus driver.

He said, “The waiting times are terrible for ambulances and the bottom line is that this bus driver took it on himself to get me to hospital. It’s remarkable.

“When I went back to work, I walked into the office there was a card saying ‘get well soon from your emergency bus driver Shawn’.

“I’ve never heard of someone being taken to A&E in a bus before. That must be a First for First Cymru.”

First Cymru bus supervisor Les Tobin said, "Shawn has only been driving buses for a year but he quietly, quickly and confidently took steps to care for this passenger and everyone else on board.

“It was only when Darrell sought him out afterwards did he realise the huge impact he'd had on this man's life."

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