Owner 'burst into tears' after missing pig found 40 miles from Newport home in alleged theft

Gertie had been missing from her home since Thursday. Credit: Wales News Service

A pet pig has been found 40 miles from her home after allegedly being stolen from her owners.

Two-year-old Gertie had run free from her home in the suburbs of Newport, Gwent on Thursday (January 26).

The 20-stone giant Kunekune, who has black and white patchy fur, lives a domesticated life and "thinks she is a dog", according to owner Holly Gillum.

Following the reunion, Holly explained: "I sobbed when I saw her I just burst into tears, I didn't expect to find her alive."If she was alive I expected her to be injured but she's okay.

"It's appalling. Who takes a pig, maybe hides her, and dumps her 40 miles away?"

Describing Gertie in an earlier appeal for help, Holly said: "She is like a family member. I have had her since she was a piglet. It has upset the children particularly.

"She thinks she is a dog. She has free roam of the farm and she is very well known for being loud. When I arrive to feed her she screams the place down."

"She will approach anyone for a fuss. Me and the children and frantic looking for her."