Owners 'desperate' for return of pet pig who disappeared from family home in Newport

Two-year-old Gertie lives a domesticated life. Credit: Wales News Service

A pet pig who "thinks she is a dog" is on the loose after disappearing from her owners home in south Wales.

Two-year-old Gertie is a giant Kunekune with black and white patchy fur all over.

The 20-stone pig lives a domesticated life, but has since gone on the run from her home in the suburbs of Newport, Gwent.

Gertie disappeared on Thursday lunchtime (January 26) with owner Holly Gillum "desperate" for her return.

Holly explained: "She is like a family member. I have had her since she was a piglet. It has upset the children particularly.

"She thinks she is a dog. She has free roam of the farm and she is very well known for being loud. When I arrive to feed her she screams the place down.

"She will approach anyone for a fuss. Me and the children are franticly looking for her."

Holly added that Gertie "is extremely friendly" and thinks she may have roamed towards the forest nearby their home.