Wrexham's dream on hold after 3-3 draw with Championship giants Sheffield United in FA Cup

Wrexham AFC draw 3-3 with Sheffield United. Credit: PA Images

Wrexham AFC's dream has been put on hold following a 3-3 draw with Sheffield United in the fourth round of the FA Cup.

It means the Welsh side will have to play the Championship giants again to try and secure their hopes of making it through to the next round of the tournament.

Sheffield United are currently 71 places ahead of non-league side Wrexham, but a victory today (January 29) would have been the icing on the cake for the up-and-coming club.

It was a nail-biting game until the very end, with the Red Dragons leading the way 3-2 until Sheffield's John Egan scored in the ninety fifth minute in extra time.

In the first half, Wrexham didn't see much of the ball early on and the opposition was hit with a yellow card.

Paul Mullin celebrates scoring Wrexham's third goal. Credit: PA

Paul Mullin was brought down by the keeper and claimed a penalty, but the referee gave nothing.

But soon into the second half and it was a goal for Wrexham thanks to James Jones in the 50th minute, bringing the score to 1-1.

Luke Young's team certainly grew into the game with Thomas O'Connor and Mullin both going onto score after halftime.

A red card for Sheffield's Daniel Jebbison in the 71st minute looked like a win was in the bag for Wrexham, but a final goal in extra time by the opposition levelled it out once again.

Co-owner Ryan Reynolds was at the Racecourse Ground cheering his team on as they faced the Championship side. The club has continued to progress since the Hollywood takeover with one of the world's oldest stadiums welcoming packed crowds every match.

The Deadpool star described the intense match as "one of the most exciting things" he'd ever seen.

Wrexham have won every home game and are pushing for promotion this season, but a win today was not meant to be despite a hearty fight.

In an ITV Wales interview a few days before the match, Wrexham's captain Luke Young explained: "We go into every game and everybody is expecting us to win - we're kind of the fan favourites to win every game in the league.

"Whereas we're not going to be the favourites in this game, we're going to be classed as the underdog. I think that's something that we'll relish off a little bit.

"We'll still be raring to go and have a right go at it."

Wrexham will go on to play Sheffield United again at Bramall Lane to fight for their place in the FA Cup.