Disabled woman, 80, fined £100 for parking too long in Swansea supermarket car park

Ann Tawe-Jones says she was unaware of the maximum parking stay. Credit: Media Wales

An 80-year-old disabled woman from Swansea has been fined £100 because she took too long to do her food shop.

Ann Tawe-Jones from Birchgrove, who uses a walking stick, was parked at the Morrisons at the Morfa Shopping Park for two hours and six minutes on Thursday 19 January and received a fine for overstaying.

Mrs Jones said that she takes longer to shop than most people due to her mobility issues and was upset to receive the parking fine.

"Imagine, I'm disabled, 80 years of age...When I'm in the shop, I have to lean on the trolley because I'm in so much pain," explained Mrs Jones.

On how she felt after receiving the parking fine, she said: "I'm very upset because I live on my own and I'm 80."

In the past two years she said she has received two parking fines from Euro Car Parks, which manages the Morfa and Neath Morrisons car parks.

Mrs Jones has said she was unaware of the maximum parking time at the Morfa Morrisons car park, which is 90 minutes.

It was not until she complained to the supermarket's customer service desk that she was informed of the rules.

She added that she was planning on finding an alternative solution to help her move around the supermarket faster, but finds the mobility scooters provided hard to manoeuvre and get in and out of to reach for the items she needed.

A spokesperson for Morrisons said: "All of our car parks have signage that clearly highlight the allotted time allowed for customers to park. We appreciate Mrs Jones's situation and we have been in touch with her directly to resolve the situation."

Euro Car Parks has been approached to comment.

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