Big cats: Mum spots mystery 'puma' while walking at Gwrych Castle in North Wales

A file photo of a puma - which Wendy Williams believed she spotted while out walking at Gwrych Castle. Credit: PA

A mum was left stunned after spotting what she believed to be a "puma" prowling in fields near the Welsh castle from ITV's I'm a Celebrity series.Wendy Williams was out walking at Gwrych Castle in North Wales when she spotted a large dark beast - she suspected to be a puma - prowling the grasslands around Gwryc castle in North Wales.It comes just weeks after she spotted a "big cat" in the field outside the living room window of her home in Conwy.Wendy said: "I was startled when I first saw it because it was so big and had pointy ears. It looked like a domestic cat but bigger.

"At first I thought it was a cow or a horse's head but the more I looked at it, the more it resembled a big cat."There was no way it was a domestic cat because of its size. My daughter suggested it could have been a puma."Wendy says she has previously seen cows and horses in the field but never an animal that looked like a "big cat" before.There have been a number of suspected big cat sightings across North Wales in recent years, which has lead Conservative politicians to call for a Welsh Government investigation into the mystery creatures.

A woman on her way to climb the Pyg Track said she encountered what she described as a “brown or tawny big cat” last July.

While three friends fishing at Gimblet Rock in Pwllheli reported seeing what they believed to be a "puma" prowling just metres away from where they parked their cars in May last year.

It's believed that sightings of wild animals stems from owners reportedly releasing their exotic pets into the wild to avoid rehoming costs after the Dangerous Wild Animals Act was passed in the 1970s. It's been suggested big cat owners travelled from across the UK to rural Wales to release their pets in remote parts of country.