'Fit and healthy' Gwynedd man with 'ear ache' suffers brain damage and dies from deadly infection

Gareth Rowlands, 50, died less than three weeks after complaining of "ear ache". Credit: Daily Post

A man described as "fit and healthy" who said he had an "ear ache" has died after contracting a deadly infection.

Gareth Rowlands, a painter and decorator by trade from Rhiwlas in Gwynedd, suffered brain damage and was placed in an induced coma.

An MRI scan showed the infection to be so substantial that it "wasn't compatible with life".

The 50-year-old's step-daughter, Linzi Whitmore, confirmed his death at Ysbyty Gwynedd after he was brought out of the coma and lost his fight with meningitis on Saturday (February 4).

A fundraiser has since been set up for donations towards the funeral. The GoFundMe page explained: "Gareth was a fit and healthy young man until meningitis left him so brain damaged, he wasn't compatible with life.

"Gareth complained of an ear ache on the Saturday (January 16), headache on the Sunday and very early on the Monday morning, my mum found him literally fighting for his life, his brain being starved of oxygen.

"Gareth was put in an induced coma and kept sedated, he was cared for brilliantly by the staff at the intensive care, Cybi ward. Unfortunately an MRI scan confirmed that the majority of Gareth's brain had been tragically damaged with very little chance of survival. Gareth was brought out of the coma, taken off the sedation and ventilation and tragically passed away at Ysbyty Gwynedd on February 4 2023.

"I am kindly asking if people would like to donate towards Gareth's funeral so we can give him the best send off possible. Diolch o galon, Linzi."

Mr Rowlands leaves behind his partner Angie and his three step-children.