'It's unacceptable,' Welsh university students struggle to cope as the cost of living crisis deepens

  • Students at Swansea University react to today's figures

Some university students in Wales are struggling to cope with rising costs and inflation, according to new figures released on Wednesday.

Save the Student conducted a UK-wide survey, which heard from 1,800 people.

In Wales, 2 in every 5 students have dropped out of university or considered it.

Tom Allingham, Head of Communications at Save the Student, told ITV News it's unacceptable that students are in this position.

He said: "The fact that students are having to deal with all of these issues on top of the stress of just general academic life, university, trying to do your exams and essays is in itself a stressful experience."

17% of students in Wales describe it as a constant struggle to pay their rent, according to Save the Student's survey. Credit: PA Images.

He continued: "Then to have to worry about simply keeping a roof above your head or often choosing between heating or eating.

"It's unacceptable."

The survey also found that 69% of students across Wales are suffering both mentally and physically as a direct result of cost fears.

Save the Student said on average are paying £76 every month on energy bills. Last year they were paying £61.

So what help is out there for students?

Orla Tarn, President of the National Union of Students (NUS), said students should reach out to their student unions first for help and advice.

"I'd say first of all reach out to your students union.

"If you're in higher education (HE) your students union will be there to support you through whatever you're going through at the moment."

Orla added: "If you're in further education (FE), there are student wellbeing staff members in every college who'll be able to support you through what's happening at the moment.

"There may be hardship funds you can go to, there may be student bursary funds or other things you're eligible for.

"Reach out to those first contact people initially because they'll be able to work out what options are best for you at this time."