Swansea police issue warning after grass fire breaks out on the Gower at Cefn Bryn

Swansea police said fire broke out along a strip of land near Cefn Bryn. Credit: South Wales Police Swansea

Police have issued an arson warning after a grass fire broke out along a strip of land in Swansea.

Cefn Bryn is a five-mile-long ridge of common land and is home to many protected and rare species which are put as risk when fires break out.

There are also sheep, cattle and ponies which graze along Cefn Bryn. Swansea Council said the area is of "international importance for nature conservation".

In a statement posted on Twitter, a South Wales Police Swansea spokesperson said: "Gower neighbourhood policing team came across this fire on Cefn Bryn... Fire service were in attendance.

They added: "Arson will not be tolerated by South Wales Police."