Woman opens Wales' first sleddog experience in Conwy and becomes one of UK’s leading racers

Joe's business combines her passion for the great outdoors, with the sheer excitement of seeing these dogs in action.

Nestled on the Conwy-Denbighshire border, you'll find Wales' first - and only - sleddog adventure experience that sees Siberian Huskies racing around the beautiful landscape.

Joe Swiffen, founder of Mynydd Sleddog Adventures Ltd, has owned huskies for 22 years and it was her love of the breed that inspired her to create her own business venture and introduce people to sledding with the dogs.

Joe told ITV Cymru Wales' Coast & Country programme: "They're just so driven and because they've got a really strong work ethic and they want to be outdoors and they want to be running and I just think that they're beautiful."

Siberian Huskies like this one have swapped the frozen North to North Wales.

Joe's skills have taken her all over Europe - and she’s competed in sleddog racing at championship level.

Sled dog racing usually takes place on snowy ground, and whilst there may not be any snow on the ground at the moment, Joe has found a different way for both her and the dogs to enjoy racing.

"We use wheels here. So everything we do in the UK is generally dry land mushing. I drive from the back of the rig and the dogs pull." She said.

"We teach the dogs the commands for each of the turns and you teach them which way you want them to go, and then, hopefully, they take you the right way.

Joe added: "The best thing to do really is to give them the exercise that they need and to give them the work that they want to do. They absolutely love it."

The dogs can pull special rigs with wheels so that they can race in dry land conditions.

Why are Siberian Huskies the perfect breed of dog for sled racing?

"They're designed to pull sleds and they were developed many many years ago by the Chukchi people of Siberia to pull sleds to their hunting grounds - heavy loads over long distances - and they really haven't changed that much." Joe said.

She continued: "You know, I soon realised when I got my first Siberian Husky that walkies wasn't enough. I soon realised that that desire to run is just immense."

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