Public Health Wales confirm Shigellosis food poisoning outbreak in Abergavenny

Symptoms can begin one to two days after being infected and can last up to seven days.

An outbreak of food poisoning which causes "horrendous sickness" has been confirmed by Public Health Wales.

Abergavenny town has seen a rise in cases thought to be caused by the shigella bacteria.

It is known to lead to an infection called Shigellosis with symptoms including fever, stomach cramps and diarrhoea which can sometimes have blood.

One person from the area said their family and friends had been put through "horrendous sickness" as a result, adding: "My relatives became incredibly sick on the following Sunday and Monday with symptoms persisting through to the mid-week for one and late week for the other.

"Symptoms included some vomiting, fevers, terrible stomach cramps and blood in their diarrhoea."

It's claimed that their case was linked to a restaurant they visited on Friday 12 February.

Symptoms can begin one to two days after being infected and can last up to seven days.

Whilst the infection is not life-threatening, Shigellosis can result in hospitalisation in some cases.

Public Health Wales explained that all appropriate measures are in action.

A spokesperson said: “Public Health Wales is aware of an increase in cases of gastrointestinal illness in the Abergavenny area, which may be due to shigella infection. All appropriate public health actions needed are being taken with the required urgency.

“Shigella infection (shigellosis) is an intestinal infection caused by a family of bacteria known as shigella. The main symptom of shigella infection is diarrhoea. It is not life threatening, although in some cases it may result in hospitalisation, but symptoms usually clear up with four to five days.

“Anyone who may be concerned about any symptoms they’re experiencing should contact 111 over the weekend and evenings or contact their GP in-hours service during weekdays.”