Man who was rescued as a baby when mum died beside him sees photo of her for the first time

  • Watch the moment Jamie sees a photograph of his mother for the first time - report by Hamish Auskerry

A man has been shown a photograph of his mother for the first time after a desperate plea to find out more about her.

Susan Carter died in Swansea in January 1992 with her son Jamie by his side when he was just four months old.

He was only found three days later when neighbours called police after seeing two teenagers outside of the property.

Jamie only realised what had happened to his mum when he discovered an old newspaper clipping

It's not known why the teenagers - two 16-year-olds - were trying to get into the house but they undoubtedly saved baby Jamie's life.

Susan's death was not treated as suspicious and Jamie said he heard over the years she may have possibly been diabetic, which he thinks could have led to her death.

Jamie, who is now 31 and lives in Cymmer in the Afan Valley, was adopted into a loving family who also knew nothing about his past.

It was only in December 2022 when he was given the old newspaper clipping did he learn more about his early months. When Jamie was found, around three days after his mother's death, the heating was still on - which he believes went a long way to saving his life.

Jamie pictured with his adoptive parents Credit: Media Wales

He says his adoptive parents "changed his life" but there has always been questions he was wanted answering about who is mother was - and what she looked like.

"I was taken into hospital for dehydration and starvation because I was there for 3 days. The heating was still left on which I think in a sense might have helped.

"It says the police were alerted by a baby crying. How long was I crying?

"When the police came and broke down the door they found me and my mother who had sadly passed away but I was still alive."

When Jamie was 18 years old he received a letter from social services with a contact number for his father and decided to contact him.

Through this, he met his half-sister and other family members. It was one of these family members who found the old newspaper clipping from the Evening Post in 1992 detailing the incident. Jamie's biological father died six years ago.

Jamie with his new cousin and his adoptive parents

In December last year, Jamie told ITV Wales, "The most important answer I want is what my mother looked like.

"It's hard to picture someone - this person that gave birth to me, that's the hardest thing for me to deal with, I just don't know what she looks like."

"I just want to know and I would like to know and maybe I will.

"Maybe one day I will find that answer. Maybe I will have a photo in my hand one day."

After that interview aired, a man got in touch with reporter Hamish Auskerry to say he believed he was Jamie's second cousin.

Andrew Hoskins asked his other cousin Joanne to search for some old family pictures and they discovered a photograph of Susan Carter holding her son in hospital after he was born.

A few weeks later, they were able to present Jamie with the photograph he has wished for for so many years.

Jamie said it was his wish to be able to see his mother's face

"I'm gobsmacked. I can't hold my tears back", Jamie said.

"I'm so overwhelmed. I can't put it into words. Just sitting here knowing there is a photo of her and I know what she looks like."

Jamie said he was overwhelmed after seeing the picture of his mum

His cousin Andrew said he fulls "happy and joyful" that he was able to reunite Jamie with the photograph.

"Today's the start of many special times, I can tell you that", his cousin Joanne said.