Caerphilly daughter campaigns for law change after mum Shirley Patrick, 83, killed in dog attack

The daughter of a woman who died following a dog attack has called for changes to the law to prevent more tragedy.

Shirley Patrick, from Caerphilly, died 18 days after being attacked by an American XL Bully in December 2022.

The death of the 83-year-old came a couple of years after the passing of her husband, Dennis.

Mrs Patrick's daughter, Gail Jones, now wants the law to change so these attacks can be avoided in the future.

"We haven't finished grieving for him really and then this happens on top. It's just been horrendous to be honest.

"I can't even begin to think about what happened, because as soon as I think about what could have happened and the pain that she must have gone through, I just have to switch off", Ms Jones explained.

Attacks on both Shirley Patrick and Jack Lis were by the American Bully breed. Credit: Media Wales

Currently, no one has been charged with any offences over the attack.

However, Ms Jones wants the breeding of the American Bully to be banned in future.

"They should be made to do so and then hopefully these dogs will die out. Anyone caught breeding them should definitely have a jail sentence."

Ms Jones is now campaigning to change the law and said: "Something needs to be done about these dogs. People need to start taking more responsibility for their dogs and preferably that these dogs are phased out."

It comes after Jack Lis, aged 10, and also from Caerphilly, died following an attack by an American Bully in 2021.

CCTV footage from before that incident captured the dog terrorising passers-by. Two people were later jailed in connection with Jack's death.

The RSPCA want to see a new dog licensing scheme and better enforcement, but it doesn't agree that certain dog breeds should be banned.

"I think the difficulty is that within certain types of breeds, we do know that if those individuals are given good breeding experiences, are reared in the right way, and are cared and managed for appropriately, they can make good family pets."