House fire caused by faulty toaster leaves Conwy couple homeless and pet dog dead

Seven-month-old pet dog, Lola, died in the blaze. Credit: Daily Post Wales

A couple have been left homeless and their pet dog dead after a faulty toaster led to a house fire.

Poppy Edwards, 38, and her partner Eddie, 40, are living in temporary accommodation after their rented home on Glan-y-Mor Road in Penrhyn Bay went up in flames.

The couple said that they were out at the time whilst their children were in school.

However their seven-month-old pet dog, Lola, died in the blaze which was sparked by a faulty toaster in the kitchen and led to "significant damage" to the rest of the property.

Eddie explained: "The postman saw it first. He ran round the back and banged on the window in case anyone was inside. He didn't know about the dog.

"It would have been too dangerous to go in anyway because the fire was that intense.

"I had a phone call from the police saying 'You need to come home. There's a 'little fire'. They don't want to panic you."

Three crews were sent out from Llandudno and Colwyn Bay to the blaze. Credit: Daily Post Wales

When the couple returned home, the flames had already caused extensive damage: "The fire brigade asked me what was in the corner in the kitchen and I said the only thing was the toaster.

"We'd only used it about four times and hadn't used it for two weeks before the fire. It was plugged in, but it's not like it was getting hammered."

Eddie added: "It's scary. You don't expect it. I went to the supermarket to warn them about it. I would say to people 'Be aware. The next family might not be so fortunate'.

"Now I make sure everything is turned off."

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service confirmed the most likely cause of the fire was an electrical fault in an appliance.

It added the service sent out three crews from Llandudno and Colwyn Bay to the blaze at 12.07pm on March 27.

Lola's owners said it was an "unbearable loss", but added they will "never forget" her. Credit: Daily Post Wales

Remembering Lola, a Cane Corso which is an Italian breed of mastiff, Poppy posted on social media: "We lost most of our possessions and our home. And I would gladly lose everything I own if only our Lola had survived.

"The guilt of knowing she was home alone will haunt me for as long as I live. We will never forget you, little one, a little piece of my heart died with you."

Poppy added: "Our beautiful baby Lola. Since the first moment we saw her we knew she'd be special. Our little tiny horse.

"She stole our hearts and was loved so deeply by everyone. I simply can't put into words the devastation and horror we feel. It's such an unbearable loss and the pain is just all consuming."