How other Welsh parties plan to deal with complaints about bullying, misogyny and harassment

The Senedd chamber Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

None of the other Welsh political parties has any plans for a formal review of culture, bullying and harassment although they all say they are taking actions to ensure they have the right procedures in place to deal with complaints.

Adam Price quit as leader following a report by the political consultant and former Plaid Cymru AM, Nerys Evans, which set out a "toxic culture" within the party and failures by the leadership to deal with complaints of bullying, misogyny and sexual harassment. 

The other three parties in the Senedd have all responded to questions from ITV Wales about their actions in response to the review.

Welsh Labour

A Welsh Labour spokesperson said that, “The First Minister and leader of Welsh Labour Mark Drakeford has written to members of the party in Wales to make sure they know how to make a complaint and are aware of the support available.

"He has also set out a series of actions the Senedd Labour Group will be taking to strengthen training for Labour Members of the Senedd and their staff.

“It is important we all do what we can to make politics a safer place for everyone.”

Welsh Conservatives

Speaking on this week's Sharp End programme, Welsh Conservative Tom Giffard said that “I think what our party needs to do next is look at Nerys Evans’ report and work out which bits are obviously applicable to us.

“There are a lot of recommendations in there that are aimed at Plaid Cymru, the sheer volume of recommendations suggest that it's a problem for Plaid Cymru, but there won't be things that are alien to us or to the Labour Party or any others.”

A spokesperson for the Welsh Conservatives said, “The Conservative Party already has a strict code of conduct and a robust complaints procedure in place.

"The rules apply across the UK and to all members, including staff and elected representatives.”

Welsh Liberal Democrats

A spokesperson for the Welsh Liberal Democrats said, "The Liberal Democrats have an independent complaints process to resolve serious issues within our party. There is a dedicated team, who sit outside the party's decision making structures, who independently investigate, resolve and decide what to do about complaints that are made.

"Anyone, whether they be party members, party staff or the general public are able to make complaints, with information on how to do so available on the Liberal Democrats website."Our complaints process is regularly reviewed, with the last review taking place earlier this year. The party will however be reviewing the Nerys Evans report to see what the Liberal Democrats can learn from it."