Welsh independence: Nearly seven thousand people turn up to first rally of the year

  • Some people in Swansea told ITV News why they joined the march

Nearly seven thousand people took part in a Welsh independence rally earlier today.

It is the first march to be held this year organised by YesCymru and AUOB Cymru.

Crowds gathered at the Waterfront before coming together on Wind Street to create aprocession through the heart of the city.

The turnout was described as "excellent" as local supporters were joined by people further afield, including Scotland.

Thousands turned up for the first march of the year and some brought their pets.

Gwern Gwynfil, Chief Executive of Yes Cymru told ITV News: "A lot of local people have joined us, a lot of people have been watching and enjoying us.

"What was really interesting is how open minded people are - people haven't thought about independence, and when you think about it, when you interrogate your own beliefs, when you look into it, that's what's important and having that conversation with yourself and others, and this will have certainly started lots of conversations today which is what we wanted to do."

Another supporter said: "Why wouldn't we be independent? What country would decide not to be independent?"

But there was support to remain as a United Kingdom, with one shopper in the city saying: "Well I think united we stand, divided we fall, I think unity is the best.

Another added: "What the UK gives us is allies, and the ability to work together, yeah sometimes you get the short end of the deal but that's the same with all relationships - you've got to give and take haven't you."