Cardiff riots: Two teenage boys killed in Ely crash named as Kyrees Sullivan and Harvey Evans

Two teenage boys who were killed in a road accident which sparked a riot in Cardiff have been named locally.

Kyrees Sullivan, 16, and 15-year-old Harvey Evans were killed in the Ely area of Cardiff while riding an electric bike.

Tensions reached breaking point after officers were called to the scene in Snowden Road shortly after 6pm on Monday.

Tensions reached breaking point after officers were called to the collision, in Snowden Road, Ely, at about 6pm on Monday. Credit: PA

A large crowd of people gathered, many wearing balaclavas and face masks, and were seen throwing objects at police and their vehicles.

Police have condemned the actions of what is believed to be around 100-150 people saying the level of violence towards emergency services and damage was totally unacceptable”.

Scenes of the destruction were live-streamed on YouTube and showed young people throwing fireworks, missiles and bricks at a line of police officers who were blocking one end of the street.

Some residents in the district claimed the two boys, who were named locally, were being pursued by South Wales Police - an allegation denied by the force.

It later said it was aware of a video circulating on social media of a bike being followed by what appears to be a police van. ITV News understands it is that video which caused tensions to rise following the crash and sparked the unrest.

Council workers cleaned the streets after a riot erupted in Ely, Cardiff. Credit: PA

They said the collision had already occurred when officers arrived, and they remained on the scene to manage "large-scale disorder" until the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Belinda Sullivan, the mother of Kyrees, wrote on social media that her son was still 'lying on the floor' and was unable to see him as violence continued late on Monday night.

On Facebook, Ms Sullivan said she was "heartbroken" she was unable to see her son due to the riots and begged for the violence to stop in order for her son to be moved to hospital.

Friends of the two boys, who were from the Ely area, said they were riding a Sur-Ron electric bike without helmets when they died.

They said their families were desperate for further information from the police about what happened.

Bridy Bool, who lives nearby, said she knew the family of Harvey Evans and his mother wanted to know which hospital her son had been taken to.

"The police are not telling her where her boy is - she has been waiting all night and morning," she said.

"They are not telling them - they are waiting for the family liaison officer. It was 2.40am when her boy's body got moved from there. I've just left her house now.

"There's no support. They are on the phone but there is no support on the ground - all this is going on and they are nowhere."