Cardiff riots: Disabled woman recalls how she watched on as rioters set her car on fire

A disabled woman has said she has been left unable get anywhere after rioters set her car on fire during the riots in Ely.

Violence erupted in the capital late on Monday evening after two teenage boys died following a collision.

Doorbell footage captured the moment Jane Palmer's car was set alight by a crowd of youths who had gathered in the area from 8pm on Monday evening.

“The rioters came down from the top of Wilson Road, they woke me up in the early hours, screaming and shouting and smashing my front windscreen in", Jane, who has lived in Ely for 18 months, told ITV News.

"I watched while they smashed in my back windscreen.”

“They dragged all the rubbish from the pavement and set fire to it on the road.”

Jane lives with heart failure, a lung condition and mobility issues.

She added: “I can’t get anywhere without my car. I’ve got to go and search my e-mails to find out who I’m insured with.”

Jane's car was set on fire by youths following violent disruption in Ely Credit: PA

At least two cars were set on fire as trouble flared for hours in the community, with clashes between officers and gangs of youths.

Police condemned the actions of what is believed to be around 100-150 people saying the level of violence towards emergency services and damage was "totally unacceptable”.

Vehicles were set on fire as trouble flared, involving large crowds, with some covering their faces with balaclavas and masks.

Furniture and objects were thrown towards riot police who lined the streets near to where the collision happened.

Riot police were targeted by gangs of youths Credit: PA

Much of the violence was played out live across YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Jane added: “There’ve been problems for a while with people running round on electric bikes and scooters with face coverings on. But nothing like this.”

“They need to stop running around being angry and start thinking about the children who lost their lives yesterday and their families. Those families are going to hell and back. They don’t need this, this is not helping them.”

“Ely always bounces back one way or another. It’s going to take a long time after this, though.” 

Jane's neighbour Daniel Biggs has lived in Ely for eight years.

Daniel's doorbell camera captured the moment Jane's car was set on fire

He said, “We could hear shouting and effing and blinding. They got the rubbish and set fire to it.”

“It’s not all of Ely that’s bad. It’s just the idiots that have kicked off.

"I’ve lived in Ely all my life and I’m happy to stay here, I love it.”

A major police investigation has been launched with the assistant chief constable of South Wales Police warning there will be more arrests following the "large scale disorder".

Downing Street said the scenes in Cardiff were “appalling and completely unacceptable”.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “The reports of disorder, violence, arson and specifically attacks on police officers are appalling and unacceptable.

“We remain grateful to the emergency services and first responders for all their support to the community and restoring order.”