Cardiff riots: Mum of boy killed in Ely crash 'begged for violence to stop while lying in street'

A mother of one of the two teenage boys killed before a riot broke out in the Ely area of Cardiff pleaded for the disorder to stop claiming the fighting delayed her son getting to hospital.

Police confirmed the two boys, Kyrees Sullivan, 16, and Harvey Evans, 15, died after a crash earlier that evening around 6pm Monday on Snowden Road.

Floral tributes and cards have been left at the scene Credit: PA

It was reported they had been driving an electric bike.

Writing on social media, Belinda Sullivan said her son Kyrees was still 'lying on the floor' and was unable to see him as violence continued late on Monday night.

The crash led to large crowds gathering in the area with rumours circulating the boys had been involved in a police pursuit - something later denied by the police.

Tensions reached breaking point before officers faced what they described as "large-scale disorder" with at least two cars torched as trouble involving dozens of youths flared for hours.

On Facebook, Ms Sullivan said she was "heartbroken" she was unable to see her son due to the riots and begged for the violence to stop in order for her son to be moved to hospital.

Handwritten tributes left at the scene in Ely on Tuesday Credit: PA

On Tuesday flowers and tributes were laid at the scene. One card read "We all love you so much, our hearts go out to everyone"

South Wales police said it was aware of a video circulating which shows riders of a bike being followed by a police van.

It is unclear where the video was taken but is believed led to the rise in tensions which sparked the unrest.

South Wales' police and crime commissioner Alun Michael said around a dozen officers were injured in the rioting.

South Wales Police haven't confirmed how many people have been arrested