Elderly Jack Russell rescued after being trapped down 25ft well for 14 hours in Conwy

On Facebook, firefighters said Jessica had “found herself in a spot of bother”. Credit: Daily Post

An elderly dog has been rescued after falling down a 25ft well in her owner's garden.

Paula Chester, the owner of 19-year-old Jack Russell Jessica, launched a search for the pooch when she disappeared in her field-sized garden on Graiglwyd Road, which backs onto Eryri National Park.

“She’s was just having a run-around,” said Paula.

“I was keeping an eye on her, like I always do. But my husband appeared and asked me a question. I turned around for 30 seconds and when I looked back, Jessica was gone.”

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service said it was called to the garden at 7.40am on Tuesday, May 30. Credit: Daily Post

Paula, along with her daughter Elisabeth, carried out an initial search of the garden, but was unable to find Jessica.

After sharing her concerns on social media, the family were soon offered helped by residents from across the local area.

“We went up the mountain, up to the quarry, calling out her name,” said Paula.

“We were out until about 10pm and must have walked miles but we couldn’t find her.”

The family continued the search the following day and eventually found Jessica 25ft down a disused well at the rear of the garden.

“It was covered in sheets of nettles and Jessica must have smelled something and fallen down,” Paula explained.

They fetched a 10ft ladder but quickly realised it wasn’t going to reach. Worrying about the well’s condition, the family decided it was a job for the experts.

“The fire brigade was brilliant,” said Paula. “One of the firefighters was a young lady – I think she was called Millie - climbed down and brought Jessica back up wrapped in a towel. I cried again, this time tears of joy.”

As soon as Jessica returned home, she took up her favourite perch on Gordon’s knee. Credit: Daily Post

The dog was taken to the vets where she was given all clear.

“The vets said she was tired and a bit dehydrated,” said Paula. “They said she might be a bit stiff the next morning but she was fine.”

The family has had Jessica since she was three and, despite her age, she remains in excellent condition.

“She’s never done this sort of thing before,” said Paula, a field interviewer at the Office for National Statistics.

“Jessica is the fourth member of our family – a lovely, perfect dog.

“She’s not a barker, not a yappy dog. That’s probably why we didn’t find her for a while. We were calling out her name but she never barked back!”

The family has thanked everyone who helped look for Jessica.

They also plan a visit to Llandudno fire station to say thanks to Jessica’s rescuers in person.