Conwy: Warning to pet owners after adder spotted in Eryri car park

The adder was spotted near Llyn Crafnant in Conwy by a local vet Credit: Media Wales/Prospect House Veterinary Clinic and Hospital

A warning has been issued to parents and dog owners after an adder was found in a car park near an Eryri lake in Snowdonia.

The venomous snake was spotted near Llyn Crafnant in Conwy over the weekend by a vet from a local clinic.

Adder sightings are not uncommon this time of year but as they emerge from hibernation, an increase in snake bitings particularly for dogs increases.

Adders are Britain’s only venomous snake and dogs can be more vulnerable to being bitten as they are more inquisitive.

Following the sighting, Prospect House Veterinary Clinic & Hospital issued some advice on what people should do if they come into contact with the UK's only native venomous snake.

In a social media post they said: "This Adder has just been seen in the car park near Llyn Crafnant (Conwy Valley) by one of our vets.

"These are the only venomous snakes found in the wild in the UK. They pose a risk to humans and animals, and if bitten, immediate medical/veterinary treatment should be sought."If your dog is bitten by one, it is important to transport them immediately to a vet, carried to the car preferably. They are naturally shy creatures, and are most likely to strike if they feel at risk."Notably, an inquisitive dog exploring in undergrowth. This is less likely to be as much a risk if dogs are kept on a lead. (As is the request in most areas where livestock roam free)."