Wild campsite owner left speechless after unhappy camper complains about sheep

Owner Llŷr Jones asked social media users how he should respond to the unhappy camper. Credit: PA Images

A wild campsite owner has been left speechless after a camper complained about being kept up by the sound of sheep.

They were staying at Mynydd Derwydd wild camping in Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr, near Corwen in Denbighshire.

The website advertises that there are 1,200 sheep and 100 cattle grazing the mountains around the farm.

But visitors contacted owner Llŷr Jones on Friday to say they were "surprised" to see sheep around their tent.

In a text message, the campers said they were kept awake until 1am and woken up at 7.30am by "bleating sheep" close to the tent.

They asked Llŷr if the sheep could be moved to a different field, to ensure they could have "a night of uninterrupted sleep".

Unsure how to respond, Llŷr turned to social media for suggestions.

One person suggested that "wild camping may not be for them" and another to "count them tonight to fall asleep".

A third said: "If I set up a tent in their back garden, would they like it if I complained at them about the noise they make?"

Llŷr opted to let the visitors know that "scientific studies have proven that sheep are actually of huge benefit to people suffering from sleep deprivation and at Derwydd Wild Camping we like to place huge emphasis on people's wellbeing".

He added: "Should this issue arise again tonight I suggest you open the tent and walk into the field and begin counting them."

He did then offer an alternative solution, saying: "Joking aside I'm afraid we can't move the sheep from their field. But happy to relocate you to a field with no sheep."

Llŷr said the tourists left shortly after, adding that "they didn't have a sense of humour".He said: "I've been doing it for a few years and we have had hundreds of people staying here. She's the first to complain about the sheep so I'm not really bothered what she thinks."